Jan 28, 2011

Blogging about the blog - scratching backs

Now that Beard and Pigtails is up and running and a few posts sprayed around, I'd like to share why I started this blog, how often I plan to post and a couple things you can do to help me.

What's the point?
The web holds a decent stack of single parent blogs, but pickin's are slim for single dad blogs.  I suppose that's because only a smidgen of fathers have primary custody.  But they are out there.  Separation and divorce slice many marriages, so there's a legion of parents in a leaky boat like me.

I hope this blog will encourage those going through rough times.  May it educate readers that know someone going through a split.  I'll help you to help them. 

You do it how often?
I'll do my best to put up at least two pieces per week, one Beard and Pigtails post and one off-topic post.

Beard and Pigtail posts will be parenting stories and the like.  This is the meat of the blog and where most of my energy will smolder and smoke.

Off-topic clips will allow me to dust off the digital archives and air out some of the musty novellas collecting cobwebs on my hard drive.  It's fun to revisit races and trips as I tap the keys, a quick teleport away from the ice to someplace warm.

We'll hike for several months, so you'll have to put up with that as the weekly off-topic post for awhile. 

Please scratch my back.
Your job is easy.

If you enjoy or at least barely tolerate this blog, please:
  1. continue to read
  2. sign up to follow (upper right corner of this page, e-mail me if you can't get it to work) - if you follow anonymously rather than publicly, I won't know you are following and won't be able to put you into the Follower Freebie drawings
  3. tell a friend  
  4. participate by commenting on a post or offering a suggestion by e-mailing beardpigtails@gmail.com
Perhaps you'll just follow for the free stuff.  I suspect that's my Mom's motive; she wants free Apple product.

If I'm lucky, I can maybe get 25 friends and family onboard.  But I surely can't get 50 or 100 to follow without your help.  Lassoing in friends of friends is when we roll the snowball.  Send a friend a link or just tell them to Google "Beard and Pigtails" to find us. It'll show up on the search results page right beneath the Gillette goatee grooming web link.


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