Jan 25, 2011

The play date - a pack of peanut picking, puny potty piddlers

Pigtails has been nagging since the first snow fell to invite a couple friends over for a Saturday afternoon play date.  Tea time with a skinny bearded man has apparently lost its luster, so I finally relented and allowed up to three of her beaming buds over for a good ol' house trashing bonanza.  Inexplicably, the three kids spawned and I ended up with a small herd of the little things, they were all over the place.

 Polite yet ravenous, they destroyed a 16 oz. sleeve of dry roasted peanuts in minutes.  It was a lot like watching the obsessive compulsive squirrel in my backyard that hoards nuts like crazy each fall before the first frost invades.  I can only imagine what the food mayhem will be like when she has friends over in the teen years.

They rotated using the toilet every three minutes.  Now I greatly appreciate what it must be like for her teacher to keep those 25 tiny bladders reined in and on a tight schedule.

The crew played dress-up (except for Will, God bless him, he held up surprisingly well against all those girls), school, Wii and a few rounds of whirls on the IKEA swing.  The swing by far belted out the most giggles, they kept coming back to it, over and over again, begging me to spin their guts out.  I complied, as they are only this size for a little while longer.  Their squeals and enthusiasm were contagious.

My thinking was that if I allowed a large group of friends over this time, it would beat back Pigtails and she'd not soon bug me for another play date.  

Of course, the opposite was true.

She's already asking if ten peanut chomping, perpetual pottiers can come over soon to play.  We'll see.  But for now, tea time with dad will have to suffice.


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