Jan 15, 2011


Uno or Go Fish, Trash and Speed, Pigtails is more often than not victorious as she smoothly dissolves her stack of cards with an ornery smirk.  I suspect she's responsible for "accidentally" applying that dog-eared curl to the corner of the Old Maid card to usher in a win.  I counter strike by curling the edge of several more cards in the stack to throw off her scent.  It doesn't matter, she's a card shark and dishes dad another defeat.  Humbled again by a snaggle toothed 8-year-old.

Welcome to the numero uno post of Beard and Pigtails!  Follow along in the chronicles of a single dad as Beard shares the ups and downs as he raises Pigtails.  I'm blessed to have the opportunity to mold and shape Pigtails into a person that will be a light in this world.  My hope is readers will come along for the ride and polish this blog to be the best it can be as you share comments and feedback.  I sometimes need advice and input on parenting questions, I'll lean on you to help.

Word of mouth is powerful.  Please pass this blog on to others in your circle.  My goal is to encourage and bring smiles and joy to all the single dads and single moms, parents and others that will join me.


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  1. Anonymous6/10/2015

    4 1/2 years later, I figured your 1st post should receive a comment. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog today, and have let out more than a few belly laughs. Relatable, whether you have kids or not. Keep up the great work!


Thanks for the note, check back for my response!