Feb 3, 2011

Blogging about the blog - flow control

A couple people mentioned they can't see the Followers button or it doesn't work.  It appears the button may be disabled if you access this blog from work or over certain networks.  Try pulling it up at home or on a different computer and please e-mail me if it continues being stubborn.

If you sign up to follow anonymously, your name/icon won't show up under the Followers list, there's no way for me to determine you are following and so I won't be able to add your name to the drawings.  You can switch follower settings to public up there on the top right.

If we hit 50 Followers, we draw for a $50 prize.  Looks like the Target card is in the lead, although the giant vat of toothpaste is also in the mix.  I assume a dentist placed that vote.

I'm still tuning the layout of the blog a little, but the general flow will look like this:
  • Each new post shows up at the top of the Home page.  
  • The Home page will show the most recent seven posts.  The eighth post will roll off.
  • Each post is labeled, and the labels show as tabs across the top.  So all the parenting-type Beard and Pigtails posts are together, hiking posts are together, etc.
  • Posts older than 30 days will be auto-archived.  Scroll down yonder to the bottom of this page to access the archives.
  • I'll try and put up an off-topic post each Sunday afternoon and a Beard and Pigtails post mid-week.  Mileage may vary, but I'll attempt to stick to this routine.
I encourage readers to participate.  Lob an email (address is over on the right side) or leave a comment if you have questions, feedback, suggestions or feel inclined to ship me a smoked ham. 

I've got a year's worth of words waiting to be unleashed, and Pigtails is a living post itchin' to be scribed, so hang on!


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