Mar 1, 2011

Snowmidget, snowgirl, snowman

1986 and 10 years old, I begged neighbor kids on the block to help build a snowman six feet tall.  It would be legendary.  Plugging in the eyes of coal would require a ladder, or at least a cupped foot boost from a friend.

No go.

Most of the boys were scrawny and 60 pounds like me.  The girls, including my sister, wanted no part.  They told me to "go lick dirty socks" or something like that.

I ended up rolling a snowmidget three feet in stature with oblong blobs of a body.  It contained so little thermal mass that it instantly turned to puddles when the gauge smelled anything like 32 degrees. 

25 years later, four weeks ago, the neighborhood was abuzz on a balmy January Saturday morning cutting a fort in the driveway drift.  Tucked warmly behind glass, sipping Brazilian dark roast and watching the punks burrow through snowpack like scarfed moles, I was enjoying a lazy moment.

Coffee pot depleted, my laziness soured to boredom.

It wasn't fair the kids were having all the fun.  So I donned snow pants and gloves, time to play!

We'd build that big snowman with eyes of coal, I'd been waiting 25 years.

our neighbor kids rock
Some things never change.  Pigtails and the neighbor kids wanted no part in helping me.


The stuff's heavy, I realized why the balls ended up so small when building as a boy.

The brats became interested as I grunted and nearly blew out the back of my snow pants with that last flop of the 125 pound base boulder. 

They now begged to help.  I suggested they work with Pigtails to create a little snowgirl. 

They jumped in and packed powder.  Will helped me cut a fat torso while Pigtails and Emma birthed snowgirl.

We took breaks to chuck snowballs at backs of heads and eat snowcones; raspberry Kool-Aid slopped over Dixie cups of non-yellow winterpack.

forgot the arms, we added sticks the next day
We finished rolling heads, stacking bodies, performing eyeball, nose and mouth implants.  It was grisly.

Round of high fives muffled by mittens.   

Nikon clicked digi-pics.  

Hot chocolate and thaw inside.

My childhood revisited, with helpers this time. 

A great day!

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