Mar 29, 2011

Spit bubbles and hydraulic horsie

For the most part, Pigtails is no different than any other 8-year-old.  A girly girl, she adores dolls and tea time, sparklin' nail polish and raspberry lipgloss.  

Okay, there might be one or two tiny differences.  Potentially attributed to influence from one hairy-faced father.  

She has an uncanny ability to make lifelike hydraulic sounds.


She may or may not know how to dance the sprinkler.  

Rapid fire armpit farts with cupped hands are a gift she was born with. 

Quality time to her is having a spit bubble blowing contest with dad.

She begs for airplane flights and horsie rides.  On special days, we combine and do hydraulic horsie with sound effects.

I'll take the blame, the little crabapple doesn't fall far from the tree.   Maybe manners do slip a little when a man raises the runt.  But we have fun and both cherish this homebound rudeness. 

I just hope she doesn't boot up as hydraulic horsie while blowing spit bubbles on the playground.  That one may have the school counselor pulling me in for a frank chat.

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