Apr 20, 2011

Follower Freebie - friendship bracelet by Pigtails (updated)

Attempting to hock a friendship bracelet crafted by the hooves of Pigtails.  Leave a comment to sign up, Pigtails will pluck out a winner from among the thousands of entries.

Christine asked the following:

I want to know what colors Pigtails is choosing for the bracelet and why?  They say there are meanings for each of the colors, but I would rather hear the Pigtails meaning for each.

Pump up the volume and action! (link)

-Beard and Pigtails


  1. I'm really starting to feel like a Beard & Pigtails stalker here. It's starting to make me feel kind of creepy that I am the only brave soul to comment {so far, fingers crossed}. Come on people,do it for the children! {child I mean}

    Can't go wrong with Curious George orange.

  2. Cari,

    I suspect my readers (if there are any) are either mimes or were all tragically born without opposable thumbs, which makes typing (especially hitting the space bar) a real chore.

  3. I have thumbs! And thanks to Pigtail for the wonderful answer to my question! She picked two of my favorite colors, too; blue and purple!

    The challenge is on, people...don't make it to easy for Cari and I!

  4. I'm in too! I look fantastic in a rainbow of colors on my wrist. Oh, tweeting now too.


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