Apr 19, 2011

Pigtails' second grade clip - holy belch

Kindergarten recounted, check.  

First grade digested, done.  

Batting second grade today, brace for burp. 

Note:  I'm sure this is obvious, but these sound clips are highly polished and require months of careful planning.  Pigtails dons a Britney Spears headset microphone and records inside a glass cage on a multi-million $$ studio:

Click here if fail whale on above sound file.

Pigtails also asked readers to respond with a comment below.  I promised her toads and toast for dinner until we get some answers, stat!  Based on her questions, it appears her life skill set and aptitude point to the nunnery.
  1. In second grade, did you have nuns?
  2. What did you do in school?
  3. Did you make crafts in school, and if so, what kind?
  4. Did you go to church?
The best part is when she showed me her school journal for the day.  On her own, she started to sketch out her interview during free time in class.  I smothered her with a big hug when she pulled this out of her daisy flower backpack.



  1. Well, seeing as I'm a huge "Pegtals" fan {and a sucker for adorable phonetic spelling} here goes....

    1. Nope. I went to public school, so not a Nun to be found.

    2. Hmmm. I remember my teacher's name was Mrs. Butler...I don't remember much else seeing as I'm really, really old. I must have learned some stuff because I graduated on to 3rd grade, I'm also VERY smart.

    3. Yes! I still do crafts with my kids all the time. We are huge fans of paint and glitter.

    4. I did go to church, and still do.

    Pigtails asks. America answers. Congratulations Pigtails on your up coming first communion! Now tell your Dad to go feed you something!
    (Gave B&P a shout-out in my post today)

  2. Seeing as I'm still claiming that I do have thumbs, I'll try answering questions as well.

    1. I'm another public school kid. No Nuns in sight.

    2. Well, it's been a long time, but I'm pretty sure I learned how to read, write, do math, spell (although I'm still terrible at it!) and a bunch of other stuff. My favorite parts were reading and math.

    3. Macaroni art. Oh...and Popsicle art! We did friendship bracelets in Brownies. And the thing with melted crayons...hmmm..wonder what happened to that?

    4. Yes, I did. And Sunday school. And children's choir at church...we had the greatest director named Nancy. She taught us "Kids Under Construction". I can still remember the chorus to it, too!

    Well, my thumbs are tired now, so I'd better go rest them in preparation for the next set of questions. I most definitely can't let Cari win everything!

  3. I might be a little late for the interview but wanted to answer just in case you are still collecting data :)

    1. I also went to public school, very small class in a very small town in Alaska, no nuns

    2. My second grade teacher's name was Mrs. Morton. I remember she also lived down the road from us and had horses and I thought that was very cool. In school, when it was winter and very snowy the whole class got to go skiing together!

    3. We did do crafts in second grade. I remember making a potholder, I stitched a brontosaurus on the front of it and gave it to my dad and he STILL has it and that was a VERY long time ago.

    4. I did go to church when I was in second grade but it wasn't a part of school, it was with my family on Sundays, and I played in the church hand bell choir and I loved it and I wish I could still do it but nobody in my new town does it :(

    Thanks so much for the chance to think about second grade again!


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