May 5, 2011


The runts at Pigtails' school became dogs for a day in a play titled:  ARF!  A Canine Musical of Kindness, Courage and Calamity. 

The script casts Chi Chi Chihuahua to the smallest kid in class, so Pigtails donned sombrero and brown to bark out lines in front of the lights. 

I like to keep things simple (translation: I'm lazy), so decided no paint except for a black nose dot.  She bawled when she saw the sniffer,  "I look like one of those spotted fire dogs instead of a chicky-wa!!"

I postulated dalmatians are coated with 12,746,023 spots, not just one their nose.  She grinned and was happy again.

I fidget like I've got a central nervous system problem when there's more than two people in a room, let alone recite lines red faced in front of 400 stares.   Luckily, the twitchy public speaking DNA bypassed Pigtails, she doesn't blink before throngs (whoops, almost typoed the word as "thongs") of crowds.  Wish I was as brave as an eight year old girl.  

The play delivered a good message:  some dogs are little, bite ankles and poop in your yard.  Others are big Bernards that rescue, let old ladies ride on their backs and make sandwiches for you.  In the end, the breed is not important.  What counts is appreciating the gifts we each have and watering talent so we can share with others.  

Although I'd probably prefer a St. Bernard pulling me out of the snow over a 6.5 pound Chihuahua.

front, right of center
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  1. Although I am a cat person myself, I think Pigtails makes an adorable chihuahua! And I applaud her bravery and performance. Way to go, Pigtails!

  2. She looks so cute, one spot and all! I had no idea St. Bernards could make sandwiches! Bravo Pigtails!

  3. So cute :) My daughter's school did something similar with fish! LOL... ah the clownfish stole the show :)


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