May 13, 2011

Blogger barfed

The dog daughter spilled pickle juice barfed over the last 48 hours and randomly deleted blog posts and comments.  Maybe Friday the 13th has something to do with it.  Or Blogger is trying to help me by auto-purging contentious posts. 

At any rate, the Blogger software is behaving again and I've restored said contentious post.  Any comments left since Wednesday are swimming with the fishes.  Sorry, talk to Google.  New comments from this point on will work.

Holler if anyone wants to hammer an 18 mile training run with me in the morning.  Enjoy the weekend!


1 comment:

  1. I wonder how many people switched to Word Press today?

    Um, 18 miles? No. I can do 4 tops, after that its mall walker pace for me, or a nap, one of the two.


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