May 10, 2011

Fridge Feud

Over the weekend, I slapped cash for a fridge from a company that rhymes with American.  High time to swap the double decade white dino' with some s-steel.  

Fisher & Paykel (NZ) is the only brand that fits the bill of being both counter depth and slim enough to fold in cozy next to the dishwasher.  I'll take a smaller fridge that tucks stealth-like than a behemoth that juts and chews space.  Part of the point of the kitchen rebuild is to increase counter acreage and open things up a bit.  Smaller cabinets, appliances and table will do the trick.  

Bigger is not always better. 

Salesman Troy quotes me a price on the icebox and says the store has a deal going on where I'll mail in a copy of the receipt and receive a $200 rebate by snail.  I'm happy, sling him 30% to shut him up and get the special order triggered.  Life is good. 

Next day, phone rings.  It's Troy.  Ruh roh. 

"Hi Beard, yeah, the manager tells me the $200 rebate doesn't apply to your refrigerator.  That brand is price locked so we can't negotiate.  It was my mistake, I am sorry."

I inhale deeply as if preparing to birth a couple babies.  I say, "I understand it was a mistake, but let's try and make this right.  I like the fridge, how about you eat the $200 and we call it a day."

He returned, "No, we can't do that.  But we can give you free delivery."

I take a few more big puffs and inflate cheeks as if initiating the launch sequence of a massive toilet chili bomb. 

"Free delivery is a joke, I was already planning to handle that.  It's your mistake, not mine, therefore I shouldn't be the one sucking $200.  If I presented this scenario to ten people, they'd all agree with me.  So would the Better Business Bureau."

He became quiet.

After a heavy pause, "Well, you can talk to my manager, but he'll probably not be able to budge on the price.  He'll call you back soon."

After he hung up, I thought I was pretty much toast.  Didn't actually have anything in writing about the $200 rebate since I'd ordered it over the phone (dumb mistake on my part).  Caveat emptor.

Phone toned..."This is Troy.  We normally don't do this, but we are going to take off $200.  Sorry about that."

I grinned.  Sometimes it pays to be firm and keep your finger on the rocket launcher.

<-- Oh yeah, here's a snippet of the kitchen, we are getting there.  Leaning heavily on child labor, so it takes longer.  You'll have to wait for the full rebuild blog breakdown coming in a few weeks to see the rest. 


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  1. Nice! I probably would've caved in about 5 seconds but then wrote a nasty letter about my dissatisfaction, which they promptly would've passed through the shredder.

    Don't forgot to give that kid a smoke break.


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