May 28, 2011

Kitchen Reboot - 2, Let's Get Digital

Grandpa Clair was 100% Swedish.  Same is true for IKEA.  As elusive as an honest attorney, only a handful of these brawny blue boxes have been spotted in the U.S.  

I heart IKEA's design philosophy of filling small spaces efficiently, offering products of fair quality at unpretentious prices.  The store displays a dozen full-size kitchens, which is the best way to work the product with nary a word.  I was convinced several years ago Kmart IKEA's the right store to source my kitchen.
Their cafeteria meatballs rinsed down with an iced lingonberry justifies the tank of gas to migrate there.  And the names of the products make me smile.  How can you not be impressed with an awkwardly named FARTFULL children's desk or a couch called EKTORP?

Head swimming with ideas after storming the Bloomington store, step two was geeking in front of the computer, using IKEA's free design software to build the puppy from scratch.  Mapped the layout, including windows, doors, outlets, vents and water, sewer and electrical feeds.  Drag and snap on cabinets, counters, appliances and floor like e-Legos.   Tweak colors, walk through in 3D, rotate and zoom to kick the tires and make sure everything is swell.  Then press the Big Wince Button to spit out the parts list and wallet damage.

A full-time kitchen designer pro at IKEA reviewed my digi-layout and buzzed me on the phone to point out where I'm an idiot and missed a couple small details.  Once she picked and scrutinized, I was confident we had a winning plan.

 Next week, destructo strikes.


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