May 15, 2011

Vote a post - no hanging chads

Post ideas are swirling in the bird brain, but I'm unable to decide which one to go with this week.  So you pick for me.  

Leave a comment with your choice of one of the topics below.  I'll tally the votes this Wednesday and rat-a-tap the top pick.

A)  Pigtails' despicable blankie.  This 30 square inch wad of purpled pink bestows both security and a bacterial count higher than a black-lighted toilet at a Red Roof Inn.

B)  Interview with Pigtails.  We'll run the brat through the wringer with another set of reader-submitted questions.

C)  Beard writes a poem about unicorns.  Haiku, ballad or mirrored refrain, bring it.

Polls are open.



  1. When you end a sentence with "bring it", sounds like a dare. Therefore, C!

  2. Suppose I can only vote once or you will "block this user", being me. It's a shame really, there just aren't enough poems on the majesty that is the unicorn.

  3. A: I love Pigtails stories!!! We have a similar "blankie" at our house.


Thanks for the note, check back for my response!