Jun 28, 2011

Ask Me

Beard and Pigtails is now six months old and I've spewed out 80+ posts.  I look forward to churning out hundreds more in the coming years.  If I had the time, I'd post daily.  There's a lot to say. 

Having a good time, but something's missing.  Blogging is surely more fun when there's some back-and-forth action going on.  So I'd like to hear from you, the three readers that stop by and visit every so often.  

If you have a question for Pigtails or me, please leave a Comment below and I'll get back to you.  Maybe you have questions about the headgear I wore in 6th grade (and 10th grade)?  I'm also open to feedback and would like to hear topic ideas you might have.  Fire away!

Thanks for reading and passing the word along.


4th grade


  1. Truth or Dare?

    Yeah, no kidding, what's up with your reader(s)? People, if you don't start asking some questions this man is going to drag out the kitchen remodel until Halloween! Don't make him stop the car. He will. At least I think he would.

    So there we go, question number one, do you consider yourself a strict parent? What does Pigtails' say on the subject?

    You seem like a very hands on Dad(no choice as a single parent I know). Has being a single parent nurtured that, or, have you always been hands on?

    What is the biggest misconception about being a single dad vs. Single Mom?

    Okay that's all the Barbara Walters I have in me.

  2. Thanks Cari! I agree, readers are forcing my hand and I'll devote three posts to the silverware drawer on the kitchen rebuild thread if I don't start hearing from folks soon.

    I'll respond to your questions in a future post, but the short take is I've always been an involved dad. I rather think the main reason we are put on this planet is to be good parents and raise our kids the right way. They are our heritage, after all.

  3. I for one cannot commit to commenting on 3 posts on the silverware drawer. Seems your readers do not respond well to threats, works on my blog. But I'm much scarier than you.

    I thought I would ask the hard questions, and leave the easy ones for the rest of the readers. For example: Do you have any pets? How tall ARE you? What was prison like? And does Pigtails have an agent {if Pigtails is even her real name}?

    Maybe I've just tapped into your reader's brains, and they were going to ask those very questions, or, I'm a stalker, whichever.

  4. No pets, although Pigtails tells me I eat like a sloppy pig. We once had two hermit crabs, but they partook in a grisly match (one had a pink shell, wouldn't expect mortal combat) the first night we owned them and they pinched each other to death. I'm a Little Person at 4'8", prison makes a mean perky noodle bake, Pigtails' real name is Shalonda Доминика Boppyzook, and no agent, although I have a (car insurance) agent.

  5. Okay, okay ... here are some questions:

    1 - How did you figure out how to do Pigtail's hair when she was little? My husband struggles trying to put our daughter's hair in a little ponytail and it makes me giggle.
    2 - When did you start running?
    3 - Did you really have headgear? Photos please. I had braces FOREVER but no headgear. My brother had a retainer that he had to crank once a week that we later found out was basically splitting the roof of his mouth open. Gag.
    4 - Obviously you take hiking trips and perhaps the random marathon without the lil' one but do you take time for yourself in other ways? And, I'll ask - do you date?!?!?

    And, PS, I read this blog every day at work **at lunch** but its blocked from posting responses otherwise you would probably get a lot of comments from me. :)

  6. Thanks for all the info, Beard. Glad to know I wasn't the only child in America with a strange medieval orthodontic torture device.

    I grew up in the same era as you, raised alone by my Father. We are today extremely close and can say that because of his lack of knowledge in some areas, I dodged some bullets. (I didn't know what a princess or fairy was for most my life.) However I did miss my mom at moments, miss only the advice/input she could give. Do you and pigtails encounter the same circumstances?


  7. Anonymous4/11/2012

    I definitely think you have more readers now!!! :)


Thanks for the note, check back for my response!