Jun 30, 2011

Bopped in the Face with Balloons

I'm a big fan of carving out 20 minutes each day to do something fun with Pigtails.  It doesn't take much, just giving the kid a little bit of one-on-one time playing and laughing together.  This is an easy way to show her that I love her.  Knowing that she has a dad that cares seems to make her a happy and confident little girl.  

When she was a tiny tot, we'd sit in the living room facing each other, feet touching, rolling a fat pink ball back and forth.  She squealed and clapped.  As she aged, ball time matured to bouncing it to each other.  Eventually, it morphed into catch, kickball and baseball in the backyard.  

Lately, Pigtails wants to play with the pile of balloons leftover from her birthday party.  So that's what we did tonight.  I snapped these photos before chucking her in bed, so much for not getting her wound up before bedtime.

I think parents sometimes overdo it with possessions and formal activities for the little ones.  Kids mostly yearn for quality time from mom and dad, not Game Boys or too many activities.  Do kiddos really need to be in soccer, dance, piano, choir, summer camp, swim lessons and bull riding at the same time? 

She's 9 now, I realize I've only got a year or so left before she'll be rolling her eyes at jacking me in the face with a large green balloon.  So I'll grow with her as she grows up, changing our play to make it age-relevant.  When she's a teen, we'll run, hike, ski, bike, eat ice-cream cones and play cards together.  Hope she'll still want to sneak in a cuddle on dad's lap when her friends aren't watching.



  1. Nice post. Seems my suspicions were correct about you being a good Dad. It is a shame that this isn't the "norm". I think people are just too selfish, hopefully unknowingly. We all sacrifice so much for our kids; but our time is what they desire most. Time is something that doesn't cost a thing, but is so very valuable, and seems to be one of the hardest things to give freely. Those few moments with our kids shape who they are, more than oodles of sports and music...and bull riding? Hmmm. Who does this? I know nothing about it.

  2. Agree, and our time with the kids goes by so quickly. Pigtails is at the halfway mark already of when she'll be moving out and on her own, so we try and make the most of it.

    I think bull riding is more of a Texas/Minnesota thing.


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