Jun 1, 2011

Follower Freebie - $20 Target Love

winner receives card and a clip of that dirty fingernail
1)  Sign up to follow this blog if you haven't already.
2)  Leave a comment below and I'll add your name to the hat for a $20 Target gift card.  
3)  Pigtails will draw a random name if/when 20 people have entered the ring.

One entry per person, U.S. only, good luck!



  1. Count me in for the gift card, but I'll have to pass on the dirty fingernail clipping. I have enough shed kitty claws on the floor as it is!

  2. One taker so far. At this rate, my calculations put us at 20 people signed up by September 3, 2012 at 6:28 pm.

  3. Count me in. Long time reader, first time commenter. I love reading this blog and all about Pigtails' fun. I just happen to typically read it on a computer that doesn't display the blog's format correctly and doesn't allow me to comment. Keep the great reads coming though - I do enjoy them! :)

  4. Love the blog! Love Target! Sounds like a perfect match.

  5. Anonymous6/10/2011

    We Love Targheto! and fingernails too! I'll trade you pigtails for the giftcard for a mini manicure for your birthday! Big Sis

  6. Um...I think someone ELSEs birthday is the day after yours, so yeh I'm in.

  7. Brooke Strahn-Koller6/13/2011

    I am a follower already, and told you this before but this blog really rocks. I love reading the entertainment. Kids are great entertainment... and sometimes even great free entertainment!

  8. HJ and I are moving into our FIRST HOUSE in a month, could def use that!!

  9. I've been a lurker for a while, and I've always enjoyed reading your blog. Great for a laugh and never fails to make me smile! So, sign me up for that gift card and I'll keep reading...without being a lurker! It's weird coming out of hiding...

  10. I love reading your blog. I finally have a Target near me after many years of going with out so sign me up!

  11. I have loved reading your blog. I was going to be too lazy to sign up for an account in order to post a comment, but all the begging has convicted me to bite the bullet. Sign me up! I love Target.

  12. Errr....you can keep the dirty fingernail clipping. I have enough of those with my three kiddos.

  13. Anonymous7/02/2011

    Targhetto, Tar-shay - they're all good!

  14. Rachael7/16/2011

    Please count me in! I need that card!!

  15. Ok, this is big sis. Please enter the following people in this drawing. I really want you to reach your twenty people so here are a few to add
    Zane(the black kitten)
    Pierre Bentley Bleu(the little chihuahua, ask pigtails, she can vouch for him)
    Coco(yes pigtails loves to dress her up)
    Gucci(the bird)
    Skeeter(the fly that the kids named that actually lives in our home-a free flyer, not caged up)

  16. Wow, Shell, that's a whole house of crazy. Have Donny, Sami and Hunter sign up to Follow the blog and I'll add them in. My apologies to Zane and crew.

  17. NI have been following - but Target is where I get my diapers so I would be loving a gift card ;)

  18. Julie B.3/23/2012

    Target rocks!!
    As does your kitchen re-do! I absolutely love the floors!!

  19. Anonymous3/23/2012

    Regular reader of Young House Love...which lead me here today. Congrats on making their blog. I, too, have a 50s kitchen. I am in the middle of picking everything out. Small appliances are the way to go. I have been research refrigerators...but not settled on one yet. Will check out the Fisher & Pakel. It looks great. Actually, I like it all. Great job.
    And who doesn't love Target?

  20. Hi! Love your humor, Beard, and your kitchen re-do. Way to go. Looks like I'm lucky number 20 to comment/enter! xo-Loren

  21. Just stumbled onto your blog today and have thoroughly enjoyed reading through your re-do!! I suspect I'm a day late and a dollar short for the Target card, but I look forward to more posts in the future:)


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