Jun 9, 2011

Pigtails' Pizza Pie

Daddy duties don't stop at policing Pigtails to look before crossing the street and validating she suds hands after squirting firefly entrails onto string to create night-glow necklaces.  That kid stuff's important, but just a few grains of sand on her life's hourglass meter.  

I'm raising a future adult, spouse and mother.  So day by day, I feed my little girl small tidbits of wisdom and craft, whittling away like a potter on clay to form and shape her.  I'm hoping after 18 years, she'll be molded and equipped with a stash of tools to be successful in life.  

On a misson now to teach her how to cook.  She turns 9 this weekend, plenty old enough to make the carbon steel sing in the kitchen. 

Step one is teaching Pigtails to enjoy food and not be a finicky eater.  Her tongue's been branded by a wide swath of vittles.   I'll write a post sometime on kids and food, there's a lot to spew on that one.  I'll just say we we don't shut it down at Mac & Cheese and a juicebox and call it a day.  
Training the brat to be a good cook now will ensure her future husband and kids are taken care of later on.  Plus, she'll be able to whip me up tasty, soft food in my old age when teeth dissolve into sawdust.  

Cooking together is fun and a great way to bond with a tasty finish.  She made pizza tonight.  I cooked the Italian sausage, sliced the veg's and manned the oven.  She did the rest. 

Pigtails was very proud of her finished pie.  She treated it like a messy, edible, scalding hot craft project.


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