Jun 20, 2011

Please Take the Target Card, I'm Begging You

With God as my witness, I will rid myself of this $20 Target card

Getting 20 people signed up is proving more difficult than teaching Pigtails to juggle kitchen shears.

Let me repeat my pathetic plea:  Leave a comment below to enter the drawing.  Pigtails will randomly pull a name.  No strings attached.  If you win, you can spend it on whatever you want:  hot dog buns, toilet paper, Blublockers, iTunes card to e-load your Bieber, hemorrhoid cream, 42" TV.  It's your call.

Here's the list of who's in the hat, thanks for signing up:
  • SingleMama
  • Gr8Spirit
  • Christine
  • Beard (oh wait...)
  • Andrea
  • Laura
  • Anonymous (what the?)
  • Robin
  • Brooke
Sneak on what's cooking for posts this week:  Fervent Futbol,  Kitchen Reboot New Life, and maybe even a random poem.  There was a request for some unicorn poetry awhile back, we'll see.



  1. THIS is why I do not do giveaways on my blog. Too much work. {I thought I signed up for this}.

    My thoughts on the subject: A) Your readers obviously live in a Target-free zone, like Bancok, Istanbul or Montreal. B) People don't want to give out their address incase you are a homicidal maniac, the internet is a scary place. C) Your readers are hard core Wal-Mart people, in which case I'm just sorry.

    Just going to throw this out there, Brandi over at www.mamaknowsitall.com does a haiku link up every Tuesday should inspiration hit.

  2. Anonymous6/22/2011

    I heart Target.
    And your blog.



Thanks for the note, check back for my response!