Jun 1, 2011

Slow Churned + Rich & Creamy + Double Fudge Brownie + Ice Cream = Healthy?

I always get a good guffaw out of marketing mush companies spend millions $$ to dole out. 

Does anyone remember the KFC commercial a few years back advertising fried chicken as a healthy alternative to burgers?  In the ad, a fit wife hurls a 12-piece bucket of fried legs and breasts at hubby as a smooth voice-over announces the vat o' fat slots in nicely with a healthy diet.  I nearly sprayed 1% milk out my nostrils the first time I saw it.  The FTC fielded phone calls and KFC pulled the ad a few days later.  

That campaign was about as believable as Lindbergh stuffing his pants with a humongous diaper while skimming the Atlantic.

Which brings me to stuffing my food hole tonight.  I noticed this label on the back of a container and was proud of the sheer amount of healthiness and lifestyle and Edy-ness I was basking in:

Continue rotating the package and you come to this unholy mess:

Pray tell, how is plunging your face into a half gallon bucket of slow churned rich and creamy double fudge brownie ice cream supporting a healthy lifestyle?  What's next, fried Twinkies attack free radicals and pork rinds eradicate butt pimples and back fat? 



  1. Ice cream has milk, therefore it's dairy. Chocolate is made from beans, therefore a vegetable. Brownies are made from flour (wheat), eggs (protein), butter (dairy again), chocolate (again, a vegetable). One can justify the "healthiness" of anything that comforts you...and ten bucks says a woman was in charge of the marketing campaign on that bucket of Double Fudge Brownie.

  2. I like Christine's line of thinking, right on!


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