Jul 15, 2011


Nine girls (and one boy, Will's the man) celebrating Pigtails' 9th birthday, blowing out several of my nine lives.

Summer birthdays are the best. 

Grill hissing at beef patties and Hebrew National dogs. 
Sweet-tart lemonade cooling down brown sugar beans and classic Lay's.
Sprinkler dishing it as the sun pokes.
Cupcakes, candles and muddy chocolate smiles.
Bags of cheap Chinese party favors.
And spit wads?

The party theme was Minute to Win It, but the girls mostly enjoyed tossing toilet paper around and firing spit wads from straws at anyone in splat range.  I took a couple of sloppy collateral damage hits.  Don't let their curls and innocent chipmunk voices fool you...they're disgusting, all of them! 

The years blow by, seems only months ago Pigtails was a pup, smearing red marker on her face like a clown gone berserk:

Nikon tells a better story than me.  And I suspect some of you don't read and just look at the pictures:

Tossin' TP in the air, what a chintzy host



  1. Oh my gosh, the video was hilarious...yeah, totally can't be mad when they do stuff like that! I should hire Pigtails to do my makeup; it would look so much more professional.

    What's the toilet paper all about? I'm confused. Although those kids look like they are having fun, or they've been drinking.

    Maybe if I go back and read the post, I'll get to the bottom of this;)

  2. Pigtails is growing up to be such a pretty girl. She's getting smarter by the minute too, I reckon! Looks like they really had fun at the party.


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