Jul 5, 2011

Independence Day: Birthdays, Fireballs and a Plastic Trophy

Pigtails lassoing fire
We made the weekend count, road trip to Mom and Dad's house to celebrate Independence Day/Dad's birthday.  He was born on July 4, 172 years after our country axed Britain's pompous shackles.  They can keep their scones, those things suck.

I must've accidentally nudged the Nikon D40's setting dial a notch too far, from fireworks to paparazzi, as it shot a 100 pics and wouldn't quit.  So I'll let it do the heavy lifting and tell the story through photos.  Much to cover, keep up.  I pity the fool pulling this post up on a tiny 3" smartphone with a tiered data plan; this one will redline your MB limit.

Tractor pull with Dad, just like when I was a boy.  Twin turbo diesels snorting 100 feet of soot, nitromethane stinging our nostrils.  So I'm 1/4 redneck, half removed on my Dad's side, deal with it:

Crack the convertible, digging deep into Illinois countryside:

Cute kid:

Mean, ugly dad:

To a quiet cornfield, hanging with my sister, bro-in-law, niece and nephew:

Sun dropped, launch 'em:

Something went terribly wrong with a shell.  Excellent fireball, I could feel the heat and shock nuke my torso.  Nobody was hurt (other than some fried eyebrows), big whoopsie was better than the fireworks:

Happy birthday, Dad!  Wish and blow:

 Bingo alongside 85 year old ladies rocking blue hair.  It was more fun than you'd expect:

Hometown 5K trail race, Beard duked it out with high school and college kids.  Nudged by and took the win.  Note that I was awarded a plastic trophy worth approximately $3.09, yet a random walker wearing Hush Puppies and purple sweatbands won a $100 door prize.  What gives?



  1. Impressive, the fireball AND trophy. Glad to hear all fingers and toe are still intact. And obviously, random walker needs a new pair of shoes...just sayin'.

  2. I'm wearin' Hush Puppies in the 5K next year, maybe I'll have a better shot at some cash.


Thanks for the note, check back for my response!