Jul 26, 2011

Lewis & Clarking the 'Coon - A Canoe Commute

When running pal Martin invited me to join a dozen brainy Commercial Pricing actuaries from his department for an outing, I thought: 

This group could get geekier than a herd of costumed 40-year-old virgins attending a Jedi/Yoda role-playing conclave.  

But canoes and river and peace and quiet were involved, plus I'm an IT programmer and second cousin once removed to actuaries on the nerd scale, so I responded to Martin: "sounds awesome!"

Martin's kayaked to work several times, I've been bugging him to let me tag along sometime.  He agreed and sent an out-of-blue e-mail invite last week, probably to shut my cake hole.  

Couldn't wait, a floating adventure snaking through the middle of downtown!

By the way, getting away on vacation is great, but I'm a strong proponent of finding fun in the day-to-day stuff, right in our own backyard.  This post is an example what I'm talking about.

I didn't know anyone there but Martin, but the group warm welcomed me and I could tell it'd be a fun morning.  The Big Bosnian was the clown of the group, frequently mentioning the GH (Get Huge) program he's on and asking if I wanted to photo his biceps.  Martin tells me the dude is trained to fire Russian AK-47 automatic assault rifles, so I had no choice but to laugh loudly at every single one of his jokes (OR I WILL CLUSH YOU!!).  Surprisingly, the crew uttered not a single statistical pricing quip or Excel spreadsheet guffaw (snort).

We dunked a half-dozen aluminum canoes into the river and flipped on the paddle wheels.  

Prose it:

Sun spraying humid streaks through the treeline.
Honking herons forking fish for breakfast.
Ducks waddle-squawking; what are they so mad about?
Sculls lapping water, river foaming round buried logs.
Laughter as a paddler nearly splits his shorts jerking his high-centered canoe off a sandbar.

Enough blab, ships ahoy:

Left to right:  Beard, stranger, stranger with exposed armpits, stranger, stranger, stranger, stranger, stranger, stranger, stranger, stranger, The GH Bosnian, Martin

Thanks to Martin and his co-workers for letting me join their flotilla!


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  1. Well, I was going to make some kind of Huck Finn joke...but I got nothing. Perhaps I'm feverish? Looked amazing! What an awesome way to start a day.


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