Jul 28, 2011

Siesta and a Slow Burn

Rough cuts patiently await a polish, including:  part 1 (training dump) of the Grandma's Marathon recap, hogtie the Kitchen Reboot, bolt together a guest post for another blog, plus a couple of hodgepodges I'm spinning through the remixer.   

Those can wait, for now a summer siesta's in order to let my Mac cool.  Nearly 100 posts in 6 months, but the hit counter on this blog is limper than a ____________ (fill in word joke of your choice).  So I'm in no rush to crank 'em out. 

I'll pick this up later...maybe you can ransack the Beard and Pigtails archives or something in the meantime.  Only need 3 more of you to leave a comment on the Follower Freebie Target Card.  Pigtails will draw a winner when we hit 20.  
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Eminem's a harsh punk, but he's right about relationships being tough.  Who can deny it?  Burn:


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  1. Well, the last time I took a blog-cation, it lasted 5 days:) Good enough, I guess. Enjoy the time off!

    Guess I'm going to have to trudge through the archives to get my Beard & Pigtails fix.


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