Aug 25, 2011

3rd Grade Phantom Zombie

Third grade bell gonged this week, time to slough off the summer slacking and hit the books and playground.  I'm praying for three more years of Pigtails gagging at the mere thought of boys and Bieber.   

Come March 2012, I'll snag an iPad 3 to digi-HD Pigtails so you can experience her face lighting when she records these blog clips.  She was literally jumping around in front of the Mac's mic' when recapping her first day of third grade.  I grabbed two takes.  Told her to simmer down on the second one, but my suggestion had the opposite effect.  I couldn't decide which clip to run, so I'll put 'em both up.  There's a random Phantom of the Opera tune in there, no clue where she pulled that from.

Take one, link:

Take two, link:

After school, the neighborhood gang sidewalk chalked their faces into Zombies.  Helmet and all, no doubt the safest mutants this side of the Mississippi.  Pigtails looks like a midget Batman Joker with mascara.



  1. Those are hilarious...I mean amazing. All I can say is you have got your hands full! I don't remember 3rd grade being nearly that exciting, but I'm like 80.

    Pretty sure Pigtails needs an agent, just sayin'.

  2. The problem on those sound clips is we recorded them late in the day before bed, Pigtails was hyper-tired. There's also a sound meter on the recording software, she always attempts to max it out and make the sound bar hit the red zone.


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