Sep 14, 2011

Kayak and Camera

Sunday the 11th, we snuck in a quiet lake walk.  A beauty, the north wind dropped buckets of Canadian cool and a hint of early autumn. 

As we strolled, I took my time carefully describing to my daughter the significance of 9/11.   

It didn't click for this 9-year-old.    

She shrugged and asked if we could float a boat. 

Yeah, better suck up the last bit of summer and kayak before October-frost sets up shop. 

The little things of being a single parent sometimes prick me the most.  I don't have very many photos of daughter and dad together, since there's no one there to take the pic.

I've tried setting the timer, running in front and yelling at Pigtails to HURRY UP AND SMILE BEFORE IT CLICKS!  BE HAPPY, RIGHT NOW, I MEAN IT!!  It makes for a stressful photo.  We look like we might want to poke an eye out or have stomach ulcers.

Or the timer test shot is a bona fide grass fail:

So I beg a non-creepy stranger to click the shutter for us, hoping he doesn't run with my Nikon:

If there's no one around, then hold the thing up high, angle down and fire.  Nothing but head:

Or just shoot our feet or shadows or something:

And finally, I say screw it on trying to capture both of us and just snap the kid:

The end.



  1. She is ADORABLE. ALL my home video's feature everyone BUT ME for the same reason...I was the one taking them. So, you hear my voice. Now, the good thing is that I stayed the same age/look throughout all those videos since we just had the Wedding Video for my boys to ever see me.

    Suggestion. Now, I know this is very high tech but most digital cameras have a timer! Yes, a timer. You set it, push a button, then run into the picture and, VOILA, there you are in it - back to camera, naturally!

  2. See, I told you nobody reads this thing.

    Pics or bust!

  3. So that kid, Ponytails, of yours, is super cute. My suggestion is trying the self-timer on your camera. Yes, a timer!

    Beard, although it seems hard to believe, some people can't read, ahem, so really you should give him, I mean them a break.

    I thought about posting that anonymously, to avoid any hate mail; but nobody will read this anyway...:-)

  4. Ya know, I think I'll try the camera's timer. Hadn't thought of that.

  5. Samantha3/23/2012

    I know I'm late to the party here, but have you thought of a timer? Just kidding. I was actually going to suggest a tripod and a remote release for your camera. That way when you and your girl are ready you just click the button on your remote and it snaps the pic for you - no more rushing or stress!


Thanks for the note, check back for my response!