Sep 22, 2011

Pigtails' Polish Puked

Yeah, I do her nails sometimes.   

Not pretty, looks like a nasty case of tourette tics flared when slopping on that smelly crap.  I mostly fat-finger it and get Green Leprechaun Twinkle Puff smeared all over her cuticles and perhaps my pants.  The stuff reeks, like a bottle of crazy glue brewed with glitter and lead paint.

Time for a reload, so she pulls out a double-zip freezer baggie full of 54 vials of stink paint.  No idea why she has them in a Ziploc, I think so she could bring them to her mom's house last visit.  

I hear the crack of glass in the other room.
Dangerous quiet. 
A faint uh oh.
The smell of crazy glue and glitter.

The damage:

The talons, sans polish, since both of us are afraid to enter "The Bag":

What should I do with this pile of blown-up polish?  I removed the broken bottle.  Am I a bad person for being tempted to stuff it in Pigtails' overnight bag so it travels to her mom's house for her weekend visit?

And I have no clue what that white foam thingy is in the picture.  Could be a dog brush or toothbrush holder.  I'm a boy, how would I know?



  1. Oh damn. You know, a really fun trip would be to the salon. You can get your toes done while they paint Pigtails' nails. Of course the smell will prolly kill you. It's fun though. They have paint pens too that are a little easier to use. The squishy thing is for separating your toes or to brush your dog. Your choice.

  2. Toss it in the bag, and hope it finds a better home. All is lost, retreat.

  3. Bag o' mess is now swimming with the fishes.

  4. I don't blame you for opening it.


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