Oct 15, 2011

Hallmark by Pigtails or What a 9-Year-Old Thinks is Ludicrous

Running friend Kip scooped up a heap of Silly Bandz at the Chicago Marathon expo last week and shipped them to Pigtails.

She asked: "What's Kip's favorite color, and doesn't he have a mustache?"  The color question cracked me up, Kip's nearly 50.  I said:  "I bet he likes green and blue, and yes he has a 'stache."

She pulled out the Crayola's, rolled her tongue and chewed it while color-scrawlin' a card.  Ten minutes later, she ran it over to me, her hand muffling a laugh.

"Daddy, do you notice anything funny about the card?"

I squinted and didn't see anything odd, other than Kipe resembling an orange-faced Oompa Loompa with hairy lip.

She finally blew and giggled "I WROTE HIS WORDS IN GIRL COLORS AND SIGNED MY NAME IN BOY COLORS.  AHH HAAHAAA!!!"  This was completely ludicrous in her mind.

Kip rolled when I explained the colors to him.



  1. Haha what an great post here, thought that was a really sweet thing your daughter making him a nice thank you card, not many children would even think about doing something like that these days so way to go to your little girl!

    Cracked me up with the explanation to the colouring too!

  2. Hahaha...that's funny. And what a nice card. Just wanted to mention that the picture of Kip looks like me. Kinda.

  3. @Ben - Pigtails is still at the age where she considers making a card a craft more than work, so I let 'er rip.

    @Christina - Agree, Kip could play stunt-double for you.

  4. Precious! All the thought that went into making the card is also very impressive.

  5. Too cute! I love that she thought to make him the card in the first place. The fact that she added her own little joke in there is priceless. :-)

  6. You need to call Hallmark ASAP, and get pigtails on the payroll! I'd totally buy an Oompa Loompa thank you card. Also, thought that WAS Christina...stache.

  7. @Starthrower - I rarely purchase cards anymore, hand scratched for the win.

    @Angel - Dry wit, she is funny.

    @Cari - I'm guessing Christina will demand royalties for using her likeness on the card.

  8. How could you have possibly missed that? :)

    And, like others have mentioned, good job raising a kid who'd even think to make a thank you card.

  9. So glad I found your blog! I was recently divorced, and am now a single mom of two children. I look forward to learning from you, as I attempt to balance my new life with work and running marathons!!
    Jamie, www.runningdivamom.com

  10. Rachael10/21/2011

    I'd buy a whole set of Oompa Loompa cards!

  11. @Adam - Thanks for kind words on my parenting skills. No lost limbs yet!

    @Jamie - Me run too, me do marathons, me run fast. You run too. We both run. See us run. (Watch last night's The Office, Kevin, you'll get it).

    @Rachael - Sold! $124.98 per dozen.


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