Oct 30, 2011

Interview with Pigtails - Halloween Answers

Thank you to the crew that submitted Halloween questions for Pigtails!  We slapped together a video response today, complete with a Barbie microphone, haphazard visit to an apple-gourd farm, windy woods and more. 

Hope you have a good week! 




  1. Pigtails: Scooby is totally the coolest character, the show IS called Scooby Doo. My daughter's teeth have been missing forever also, and now they're coming in on top of each other. If I were you I'd ask for bigger gums for Christmas.

    Beard: Those chicken feather clip ons are really cool. You can get all kinds of colors--pink and purple are the best ones (IMO).

    Good job guys.

  2. Cute vid Pigtails! I need a Barbie mic for my next vlog! Your costume is adorable, Happy Halloween!

  3. That is one adorable kid!

  4. @Christina - I showed Pigtails your comment. She smiled, then wanted you to know she might need a tooth pulled to "make more room in her mouth".

    @Cari - Thanks, and you should see my costume.

    @singleishmom - I think she's a keeper.

  5. Rachael11/01/2011

    I. Love. This. Kid!

  6. @Rachael - Thanks, appreciate you stopping by the blog!

  7. Anonymous4/25/2012

    <3 Always makes my day to see a new post/video from both of you!
    ~ SuziQ


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