Oct 22, 2011

A Morning Run

I haven't gotten the new running blog fired up yet, so you'll have to put up with a few jog posts on B&P every now and then.

This morning's 12 miler reminded me why I love this sport.  Flip the poetry lever, let's run:

Puffing condensation smoke as the sun wakes
Ten legs wheeling atop a carpet of Autumn crunch
Banter-laced laughs as deer forage
Not a single soul, a town sleeps, the morning is ours

Years of fitness swallow the miles
A shotgun fires three rounds in the distance 

We talk races, food, our kids and trout
Riggs' expecting soon
Ryan's wife set a half 'thon PR last week
Tony suggests we slowdown

I ask who farted

Exit the paved trail and dig into singletrack
Tree roots poke and fan through dirt like varicose veins
A pissed squirrel cusses, a lone river rower laps beside 
The trail turns to seed, wading through shin-deep shrubs
We train along a ribbon of prairie grass matted down like bedhead

Ryan's hip aches
Riggs gooses the throttle
The woods are drained of chlorophyll

My ankles bleed needles as cockleburr bushes inject
Weeds dripping morning-dew wrap, choke and soak the Asics
Steam rises from Tony's back as we wrangle twelve hundred calories into motion

Absorbing Trinity's creation
Manufacturing endorphins
Panting beside my buddies

This is why I run



  1. Nice. As a fellow runner, I can appreciate. Kudos to you friend who PRed in the half. Enjoyed this post a lot!

  2. Nice! Awesome that you've found something that makes you so happy, thanks for sharing!

    It almost made me want to go for a run....almost.

    Perhaps some special running socks might help with the cockleburr bushes?

  3. @DKL - Thank you, and glad I was able to share my morning run with readers.

    @Cari - If you decide not to run, then I suggest you take on my next-favorite workout...interpretive dancing. Make sure to wear the special socks.

  4. I don't run outside. I know, real runners run outdoors. I can kind of imagine it from this.

    And omg. If you get Cari to vlog in those running socks you totally win the universe.

  5. @Christina - If Cari's comfortable vlogging with a 'stache and beard, then we can surely get her to vid' with her special pink running socks. And if the socks are in the wash, perhaps Ja-Me X3000 has an extra set she can borrow.

  6. Love this post. I'm on the injured list right now - which completely sucks -and what I really miss is my weekend long runs with friends. Just being outside and running. Gyms, spin, etc doesn't match up - I miss the run.

    1. Yeah, you get it. Checking out your running blog now!


Thanks for the note, check back for my response!