Oct 6, 2011

Triberr and Bones and Stuff

They say content's king in the blogging world.  Wield the pen with precision and wit, and bam, readers will run to you foaming and begging for another post.  

Bull honkey.

Triberr is king.

If you write, you're already familiar with Triberr and will agree with me. 
If you don't blog, then you probably think I made a typo.

Triberr is a reach multiplier, allowing bloggers of similar interests to pool into a tribe.  Each tribe is yoked to Twitter, and the horsepower builds as your post is spread to Twitter followers of members of the tribe.  In a nutshell, it sends the right blogs to the right readers.  New people will read your stuff. 

Before Triberr, Beard and Pigtails hit count was limper than Grampy without his Blue Pill.  Maybe 50 clicks a day.  On August 4, a B&P post went live in the Social Dads tribe for the first time on Triberr.  The hit count jumped to 300: 

Christina, over at Solitary Mama wrote an excellent piece on the power of Triberr.  Head over to get the scoop.  She has a mustache.

I also recently joined a friendly tribe named Side Effects of Single Parenting.  Our fearless leader, Chief Cari, sponsored a Twitter chat Friday night so members of the tribe could meet each other.  The #SingleParentsTalking chat picked up steam and had a good contingent by the end of the night.  Another is scheduled 10/7/11 at 9:00 pm central.  Cari, Christina and Beard tell you how to join the chat. 

Won't you come chew the cud with us? 



  1. hahaha "Bull honkey...Triberr is king". I'm going to use that from now on. Great job on the pageviews. Amazing. But then again, you have an entertaining blog anyway, which does matter quite a bit.

    And of course, thanks as always for the shout outs. You're awesome, Mr. Beard.

  2. Agree you dont have to have great content in your blog for it to see record numbers, mine being the prime example there; ofcourse yours does not apply.

    I should probably rethink the rules and make it mandatory for everyone to vlog. I am the Chief after all!

    Yay! #SingleParentsTalking, I will be tweeting without facial hair.

  3. Triberr is still very controversial, but I think most of the problems (and, therefore, controversy) are because people don't get to 'know' fellow tribe members as you've done with the Side Effects of Single Parenting tribe. The purpose of Triberr isn't to blindly sign up for as many tribes as you can and blindly re-tweet everyone's posts. I think Dan & Dino (founders of Triberr) would agree that forming a blogging community is the goal - getting to know other blogs and bloggers and complementing each other's content.

    Just my $.02 :)

    P.S. Tweeting this from my Triberr 'Social Dads' stream.

  4. Triberr rocks for sure! So does #DadChat!

  5. Oh dude...thnx so much for the kind words. I'm very happy to see that Triberr is working for you.

    Founder of Triberr

  6. I've been enjoying Triberr and am a proud user of the Manual function. I just don't agree with blindly tweeting stories - I mean, what if I were to post something hateful tonight? You'd all retweet it! Of course, I appreciate the reach - and I take the time to read all of the posts that I think will be good for me. Triberr's put a lot more content in front of me and I'm thankful - and sure, the jump in hits helps too! And I've been commenting on a lot more - which is great for community-building. So - Triberr's a total winner when used right!

  7. @Mustache - Haven't heard the words "bull honkey" for 25 years, 5th grade. A classic.

    @Cari - Planning to do my first vlog soon. It'll be a horrific, awkward mess.

    @Memoirs - Agree, I read and manually approve/reject all posts.

    @Bruce - #DadChat does rule, Cash on Bible FTW!

    @Dino - Awesome that you stopped by, thanks for visiting this humble blog.

    @Zach - Cyborgs are bad, manually approving posts in Triberr is the only way to go. I reject about 30% of the stuff coming through my feed. Reviews/giveaways are a bore and intellectually lazy, I rarely approve 'em.


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