Nov 20, 2011

Guinea Pig Adventures - Gizmo Drives a Robot

Our neighbors are skipping town for Thanksgiving, so Pigtails' been badgering me the last couple to let her adopt their guinea pig while they travel.  I shot her down at first, saying we didn't need a soft rat smelling things up worse than they already smell around here.  

She didn't relent.  
Those brown eyes put up a feisty fight.  
Guess who won the battle?

The kid was jumping around, flush in the cheeks with excitement as they handed us Gizmo in his tiny prison cell.  I made daughter hook me a pinky swear before agreeing to take on the hairy little pig:  we're not going to purchase our own guinea, I won't be the one responsible for shoveling the food in and the poop out, and no hair bows.  Gizmo's a boy, and boys don't like sissy bows in their fur.

So Gizmo's in charge of the blog this week.  We'll chronicle our adventures as Pigtails puts him through the wringer.  She mentioned tiny diapers, a trip to the park and hot laps in the stroller.  Poor guy, he's going to end up with high blood pressure and wearing doll dresses by the end of the week.

A couple days in, we've realized this is no ordinary guinea pig.  Gizmo's got skills.  I thought the neighbors were being all braggy when they said he knows how to drive a robot.  So we tested it out, turns out they weren't lyin'. 

Next up:  Gizmo wheels a Jeep.



  1. I think Gizmo is a better driver than I am! Let the kid put some bows on the pig, Beard! It's a girl thing.

  2. I had 2 guinea pigs growing up. They can also ride in barbie cars. And you can teach them to climb stairs.

  3. I think you should get Pigtails a guinea pig for Christmas! A girl one with bows. And glitter.

  4. @Cari - Oh great, first more allowance, now bows. You are killin' me, but Pigtails would give you a knuckle punch.

    @SingleMama - We learned tonight that Gizmo can indeed drive a jeep. No stairs yet, I don't want him to end up in a neck doughnut by the time we return him to his owner.

    @Erica - Welcome back! Yeah, Pigtails is already clipping bows on Gizmo, no glitter yet. I told her he's allergic to the stuff, and she believed me. Little naive kids.

  5. Yeah, I got talked into guinea pigs by my daughters who wanted them SOOOO bad, now "I" have 2 of them :( Actually one is starting to grow on me, he squeeks and squeals when I walk in knowing he's getting his food and lettuce :)

  6. I don't like little rodent like animals but Gizmo riding that robot was funny as hell. Can't wait to see him driving the jeep. And yes, he needs clothes and accessories.

  7. @Tonya - Is one guinea pig male and the other female? If so, get ready for a heap of 'em.

    @Christina - Daughter put Gizmo in a doll dress tonight. He'll need therapy by the time he goes back to the neighbor's house.


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