Nov 22, 2011

Guinea Pig Adventures - Gizmo Steals a Jeep

Day 4 of babysitting the neighbor's rat-pig.  She won't put him down, look at the fear in his eyes.

And she forces dad to "snuggle" him, then snaps pics as collateral. 

I'll admit, he is talented.  Gizmo drives robots.  Big deal you say, cats can too.  Well, the cheeky little squeaker upped his game tonight.   

I'm sitting here minding my own business, cramming pork potstickers down my face when the bleepin' guinea grabs the keys and just takes off in the Jeep.  Unbelievable.  Kept driving back and forth, taunting us, before finally leaving for good.  He's probably headed to the store to snag some lettuce and wood shavings.

You don't suppose my daughter will try and twist my arm into adopting her own pet when it's time to return him?  She signed a contract with a pinky swear promising she won't bug for one.  We'll see how that one plays out at the end of the week.

Better go find that smelly hairball...



  1. Did she sign a contract saying she won't bug you for two? Guinea pigs do better in pairs anyway (they love companionship). Wouldn't that be so much fun for her to wake up with 2 little pigs in her stocking?!?! Clearly, I am team pigtails on this one. Don't remind me of this when my son starts asking for pets.

  2. {This comment intended for Pigtails}
    I let Audrey see the video, and now she is obsessed with it and wants a cat AND a guinea pig, so thanks for that! I can only guess from the evidence provided above that your Dad might be starting to crack on this whole pet issue. {Pinky swears are so last year anyway} Wait out the week and see how it goes, if it doesn't work start asking for a baby sister.

    Happy Thanksgiving you two!

    Beard, if you see a spike in page's my kid.

  3. What's your mailing address? I have something that Pigtails would love for Christmas. It's furry and comes with glitter and accessories...

  4. @Single Mama - I reread the contract just now, there's no stipulation specifying she can't bug me for two guinea pigs. Crud, blasted loopholes!

    @Cari - Huh uh, nobody is cracking here. I may have been forced to "snuggle" Gizmo again today, move along folks, nothing to see.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Audrey and Gabe!

    @Erica - I hope that furry item is a 529 college savings plan printed on some fancy paper.

  5. I think we need more guinea pig videos. I think Gizmo is a star!

  6. @xAverage - More cowbell, more Gizmo, so shall it be! Firing up the recorder now.


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