Nov 29, 2011

Guinea Pig Adventures - Gizmo Takes a Bath

Gizmo racked up the miles and blood pressure on our watch last week.  He needed a bath after riding robots and Jeeps, so the fruit of my loins dropped the long haired varmint into the tub for a loofah scrub down.

For reasons unknown to me, Pigtails' stuffed animals wear underpants.  She tried installing tighty whities on the guinea pig, but he wouldn't have it. 

We handed Gizmo back to the neighbors on Sunday.  Pigtails cried.  Other than some thin spots from heavy petting, he was no worse for wear.  

She asked, but I haven't budged yet...



  1. It sounds like you enjoyed Gizmo's visit almost as much as Pigtails did. I think your little family would benefit from a critter. Just think of all the blogging potential.

  2. Too cute...I hate cute! Just kidding!

    Gizmo is a keeper!

  3. Look at her smile! How can you resist?

  4. @Erica - I offered my daughter a rat or snake, but she said no.

    @Bruce - Pigtails still cries missing Gizmo, it is tempting...

    @Maggie - Resistance if futile.

    @Cari - I'll take on the pig when you do the cat.

  5. Rachael12/01/2011

    Maybe you haven't heard but there is a major holiday coming up later this month. A piglet would make a lovely surprise gift for the love of your life.

  6. @Rachael - Pigtails, is that you logged in as Rachael?


Thanks for the note, check back for my response!