Nov 12, 2011

My Daughter's Vlog Response to a Cat Plea

Blogging bud Cari over at Bubble Gum on My Shoe posted a video of her daughter, Audrey, begging for a cat.  Below is Pigtails' response to whether or not Audrey should be allowed to have a hairball.  

"Definitely a kitten.  They last longer and don't die as quickly as an adult cat."



  1. Okay. Audrey should have a kitten. Not a cat. Sorry, Cari but you guys brought out all the cute kids.

    And Lucy is the most awesome name for anything, btw. We had goldfish named Ollie, Wally, Molly and Lucy. Couldn't tell who was who but I'm pretty sure Lucy lived the longest.

  2. Okay. Very cute. Now how do I say no to Audrey AND Pigtails? Isn't looking good for me here.

    Christina! I thought you had my back on this? Traitor. Now your daughter gets a kitten too, kittens for everyone!

    Beard, all I can say is get out your wallet, my friend, might be some retaliation in vlog form from my kid on why Pigtails need a raise in her allowance.

    Thanks for the recommendations Pigtails. I will take them into consideration and put you down for litter box duty. Oh, and you should probably get a kitten too.

  3. @Christina - Lucy was the fish with a bow.

    @Cari - I think the votes are tipping in favor of Audrey getting a kitten. That or a pet rock.

    I've been in discussion with daughter on raising her allowance to a buck, only on the condition that her chore list grows. We'll see how that one goes.


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