Dec 15, 2011

Night Run

My daughter was away for a couple hours last night, so I grabbed the camera and snuck in a quiet night run.  

1:45 into the video, I was cruising past this cozy bistro in my neighborhood.  Slipped by unnoticed as dates laughed and a busy chef worked the flames.  Never eaten there, I should.

There is extra ordinary in everyday life.  You just have to search a little.  And be in shape.



  1. Probably the best time of the year for a night run, awesome. However, were you wearing shorts? Snow doesn't equal shorts in my book, but running is not in my book either, so what do I know...

  2. It was 55 that night, so ha ha. Guessing we'll have white hell to pay in January to compensate for the nice Nov/Dec.

  3. Anonymous12/16/2011

    A little night explorin' - nice!

  4. @Anon/Julie - December, shorts and lights, it was a nice evening. All those cars rushing to Kmart were missing the point. Does anyone live in the "now" anymore?

  5. chris coleman12/18/2011

    This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing. It is very cool.

  6. Thanks Chris! Proud of our 'hood.

  7. Anonymous12/19/2011

    Loved the video! Looked like the restaurant was Flying Mango. Definately a must to eat at. Best corn bread in town! THanks for sharing.

  8. That may or may not have been the Mango. Don't want to blow my blog cover and all that jazz.

    I do think our 'hood is the best in town, even preferred over the newer and $$ suburbs. I'll take character and hand-stacked brick charm over rows of lifeless new construction homes lacking any appearance of soul, cladded with vinyl painted the color of dreariness.


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