Dec 12, 2011

Song #49

Church yesterday, the cantor directs us to page #49 of the hymnal.  Page 49 was stuck to page 48.  I wedged my finger in there and carefully pried them apart, afraid I was going to rip one.  

Inspected the page and noticed a plump dried booger hiding there in the lower right-hand corner.  That puppy welded the leafs together like crazy glue.  Song #49 is Patience, People.  Apparently, the gentleman/toddler/wild baboon clutching the hymnal the prior week was lacking patience to the degree that they invoked the pick and wipe method rather than unloading into a hanky.  

I tried to ignore and sing Patience, People, but it was too late.  No sound, but my stomach was going up and down as I suppressed a laugh before communion. 

Pigtails caught on, she covered her mouth and pointed, then we both cracked up.  Once you start laughing, it's hard to stop.

Who does that, uses a hymnal as a Kleenex?



  1. Gross. I'm staying away from your church fo sho. Funny that you and Pigtails both cracked up tho. Pretty sure putting boogers on hymnals is a sin somewhere.

  2. No kidding, Holy water couldn't wipe away the filth that is Song #49.

  3. Christina does stuff like that I'd imagine. She'll never know I wrote that. Bad thing about cracking up in church...hard to stop it.

  4. Yeah, Christina never checks back on comment responses. So we could call her a chronic hymnal wiper and she'd never know it. Nor sue us for libel.

  5. I've been advised by counsel to retract my above statement, and say publically for the record that Christina is an upstanding young lady and wouldn't do such a thing. Besides, it was probably my kid anyway.

  6. Cari, I think you're in the clear since you were referring to the other Christina. You know, the one without the mustache and the one that does shave her pits for Movember.

  7. Heathens. Both of you hymnal corrupters.


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