Dec 11, 2011

Techno Trail Trot

White dust and a bright 30 degrees, perfect day for a 60 minute, 9-mile trail run.  If you missed your workout this weekend, no worries.  I burned the calories for you.  Easier than a 5-minute abs VHS, simply hit play below while tipping back a Diet Dew.  You'll be able to breath again without needing to unstrap your pants.

Spotted a pair of bald eagles hooking fish from the river, four white-tails hauling the mail and an awake owl.  No humans.  I think they're all at Wal*Mart buying Christmas crap the chubby brats will be bored of by 12/27.

I've written how much I enjoy these wooded runs.  
Now I'll show you.




  1. What a beautiful place to run. Way better than being around humans.

  2. Yeah, nothing but deer and robots out there. I crammed piles of Frank's hot blue cheese dip down my face today, undid that run.

  3. Anonymous12/11/2011

    Like the music, what/who is it?


  4. @Anon/SuziQ - Tune is "Love is Gonna Save Us" by Italian DJ Benny Benassi.

  5. Well that was some spiffy editing there. I was waving a glow stick in the air. Really.

  6. So why isn't this on MTv or VH1. Btw, hurt my head electro/techno dancing. Skipping gym this week.

  7. Anonymous12/12/2011

    Hearing techno (and taking in all the exercise) makes me wanna get up and MOVE - thanks for the inspiration!

  8. @Cari - Still learning Windows Movie Maker, pretty slick software for being free. 2.5 hours of editing yielded this 5-min video. Next one should only take 30 minutes to tweak, I learned a bunch from this one.

    @Christina - What, no BUNS OF STEEL workouts for you this week?

    @Anon/Julie - No need to get up and move, I did the sweating for you. Just keep drinking the Dt. Dew and you're good to go.


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