Dec 7, 2011

Warm Summer Art

Late autumn's draft goose bumps my back on the walk into work.  And a 10-degree wind chill shreds my lips to paper on lunch runs.

So let's flip the bird at December's bite and soak up warmth for a few minutes.

Summer festivals are the best.  The Art Fair's a full day of free, Pigtails returns home with a smile and face painted, clutching a goody bag stocked with treasures she crafted.   

Rewind to June, digital SLR gets it done:


Alright, back to reality now.  I'd better pull out the shovel, a white storm's blowing in.     

What would you be doing right now if it were 80 degrees outside?  If you're one of those jerks luckies who lives where it's nice year round...I don't want to hear it.



  1. Haha, I just said that very thing on my blog! I don't know what I would be doing, but probably not blogging in my sweatshirt. I'd like to hear from the peeps who live where it's nice year round...where is that exactly? And do they have an extra room?

    Looked like fun!

  2. Awesome pictures

    -Military Dad

  3. @Cari - Your summers are nicer up north, so it all balances out, right?

    @Max - The ole iMac cries when I open iPhoto. I'm a picture pig, 13,000 of 'em and counting.

  4. No, it doesn't balance out, not in my opinion. Winters up here are painful. However, it has been strangely warm for December and very little snow so I can't complain. Yet.

    I'm all for flippin the bird at December. Great pics, looks like lots of fun.


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