Dec 28, 2011

Welch Village Tiësto Powder

I'm without child this week for Christmas break.  I probably should be cleaning toilets or dehoarding my daughter's room, but I'd rather play on powder.  Escaped to ski Welch Village the last couple days.  Also drank a Caribou with blog friend Cari.  She likes her coffee frou-frou style.

Off to the toilets and dehoarding Pigtails' room I go! 



  1. Suppose I should leave a comment so people don't think you've locked me in your trunk and really aren't creepy whatsoever;-)

    Yep, true fact, I am high maintenance when it comes to my coffee! Not sure who would pick cleaning toilets over skiing though, looked awesome!

  2. SHORT BEARDS ARE NOT CREEPY! Well, maybe a little.

    My toilets are friggin' sani-klean right now, smell like lemons.

  3. Rachael12/30/2011

    Even my lemons don't smell like lemons. Now, THAT'S creepy.

  4. @Rachael - What the heck do your lemons smell like?

  5. Anonymous12/30/2011

    That sounds like a personal question.

  6. I hope you skipped the toilets for more time in the snow.


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