Feb 7, 2012

Another Memory Down the Toilet - A Real Live Pony

Pigtails apparently doesn't remember any vacation or quality time offered up before age 6.  So I was curious if I could flip this around and make her believe something that never happened.  

"Pigtails, you remember that little Pony of yours we kept at Uncle Brian's house, right?"

She looked at the photo, then at me, then shook her head yes, then froze.

"Yeah, here you are riding her, we named her Rhonda, wasn't she fun?!"

Skeptical, she caught my grin, "Daddy, nuh-uh, we never had a horse."

I continue, "Whaaat, you don't remember Rhonda?  I suppose you also forgot about the guinea pig.  Tell me you remember the guinea pig."

She shakes her head side-to-side.  She's not having it.

So every early family trip was in vain, she doesn't remember a thing.  And she won't let fly the tall tales of ponies and guinea pigs.  I got nothin'.



  1. You went too far with the guinea pig, girl is smart...she knows you won't budge. Besides, every girl knows if you have a pony, it would not be named Rhonda; Buttercup maybe. Think you went wrong with the name.

    I think I play around with my kids too often like this, now they don't believe anything I say. For example, my daughter lost her first tooth, and I flat out told her the tooth fairy was not real and I'd just give her a dollar. She refused to believe me and thinks I'm lying. This could be really bad.

    1. We give people names to animals. Our cat was Elijah, Pigtails' hermit crabs she named Michelle and Donnie for some reason. So in this strange family, she'd believe Rhonda over Buttercup.

      Maybe you could use that thing to your advantage, where your kids don't believe you?

  2. Wait a minute. So you didn't have a horse? I believed you did.

    1. If I was visually impaired and needed a guide, I'd have a seeing-eye Shetland pony.


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