Feb 3, 2012

Another Vacation Memory Down the Toilet - Omaha Zoo

Pigtails turns 10 this June.  Prime age to whisk her away for an extended summertime vacation.  Young enough to soak in adventure with sweet-mother fondness, yet old enough to remember it.  Nothing worse than burning cash and gas on a trip, only to realize a couple years later the brat doesn't recall a single thing about that special family getaway. 

I'll post daily for the next week on places we've dropped in.  At the end of the week, I'll ask for recommendations on where we should go this summer.  Wherever we park it, SHE'D BETTER REMEMBER IT OR ELSE!

First up:  The Henry Doorly Zoo at Omaha.

Leaving baby unattended in a hot glass dome.  When I asked Pigtails if she remembers this, she said "Who is that cute baby, and a red pyramid, cool!"  Bye-bye vacation memory, flush it.

Her father was apparently 12 years old when he sired Pigtails.

 She who smelt it dealt it.

Pigtails' mom and a peacock.  Sacral agenesis.

Moral of the story...age 6 and below, take offspring to the filthy free indoor playground at the mall, toss them a sippy-cup of lukewarm water and call it good.  The punk won't remember it anyway.



  1. We only go to the zoo because we like it... why else would you take a 3 month old? So we just drag her along and enjoy ourselves. It is just a bonus that our daughter loves it now... and she always takes a 2-3 hour nap when we get home. Double bonus.

    1. Her mom and I always liked the Omaha Zoo, although Pigtails seemed more interested in the balloons than the baboons in those early days. Kids want your time more than travel, my daughter now mostly enjoys just hanging at home with dad and making up games.

  2. My own punk had just as much fun yesterday walking up and down a grassy hill than she would've anywhere....except possibly in water. At our stage, fun is the point. Memories come later, I suppose. And the zoo will definitely be one of them.

    But Mom and Dad's memories count, too....

    1. Vacation with young kids is the same as how Christmas gifts go down. They go nuts over the box while ignoring the gift.


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