Feb 8, 2012

Another Vacation Memory Down the Toilet - Camping with 'Coons

Pigtails tells me she doesn't remember our camping trip from when she was 5.  You know the one, we drove to a babbling waterhole, skipping rocks and splashing cold stream at muggy July heat.  


Pitched tent, snapped glow sticks and listened to flames eating oak.

I remember waking to a tiny paw stroking the outside of the tent.  A raccoon wanted inside to snack on cookies.  Unzipped the flap and flicked the flashlight.  Five pair of eyes reflected the beam.  I shooed them away, rabies, my daughter thought they were cute.  Tried my best to scare them away without scaring my daughter.  She wanted to grab one and snuggle.

Alas, she doesn't remember any of this.  A turd flushed down the toilet.


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