Feb 18, 2012

A Day in the Life Of - Saturday

Slapping up a post-a-day this week, Nikon's getting busy.

Rose with the sun to hammer 15 with Greg, Martin, Brian, Ryan and Jason.  Jason raced in the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials in Houston a few weeks ago.  He's out of our league, but humble and willing to slow the pace so us mortals can hang.  We huffed a bunch of 6:15 miles, snot trails out the nostrils, but I don't think Jason's heart-rate got above 90.  And he might have taken a nap midway through the workout.  

Forgot to bring the camera, so Martin's snap from a few weeks ago will work:

Winter is limp this year, so I decided to scrape off the beard early. 

Saturday means lunch at my favorite joint.  Been snarfing down Baba's eats every 7 days for 15 years.  I'm hooked, he must sneak nicotine into the curry or something.  

Tandoori chicken, Indian naan, lentils, spinach, carrots/peppers in cream sauce and milk cake.  Mint and plum chicky-dip on the side, everything whipped from scratch.


I can hold my own, three plates down the hatch.  Daughter's with her mom today, she frowns when she misses our buffet slopfest.

Slipped into the kitchen and was met with a sweet waft of fresh bread.  A load was toasting inside the traditional clay tandoor oven.  The beast is 1,000 degrees, steam swirled out like an angry cyclone.  He handmade a stack of flatbread rounds, then slapped them directly to the innards of the clay oven.  Reminded me of bubblegum stuck to the undercarriage of my 7th grade desk.  Naan was bubbling brown and pulled with a steel hook in two minutes.  


Time to pick up Pigtails from her mom's house, noticed my car turns 100,000 today.

Turbo Tax time and maybe some outdoor ice skating under the lights with kiddo tonight.  Will report back with a new post tomorrow.

I'm hungry again, how is that possible?



  1. So that's what naan is supposed to look like. I don't think mine quite measure up.

    1. Give Trader Joe's naan a shot...tasty and close to the real deal.

  2. Why did you shave it off.. why.... why...

    1. No worries, I'll mail you some beard scraps.

  3. Anonymous3/22/2012

    Look good without the beard.. But then I guess im not a beard fan ;)

  4. Man, that makes me hungry. (I'm expecting #5 and craving FLAVOR all the time.)


Thanks for the note, check back for my response!