Feb 6, 2012

A Vacation Memory Not Down the Toilet - Colorado

beauty squared

Continuing to dig for the right spot to take Pigtails this summer. 

My first puff of Colorado was in 1984, 8-years old tent camping with our family of five.  I remember a windstorm licking the mountain, Mom and Dad stayed up a couple hours that night perched outside our tent, making sure the wind wouldn't buckle the poles or pluck the metal stakes.  

I wanted to return and let my kid experience a terrifying windstorm by tent, so Pigtails, Curls and I headed west over the 4th of July in 2010.  Thankful this adventure wasn't flushed down my daughter's memory bidet. 

Lake Dillon

10 days and 2,000 miles, we lapped a fat loop around Colorado, drinking mountains, snow-fed aquifers and ice-cream cones.

Rocky Mountain National Park and a turbo-wagon scramble up Pikes Peak.  
Olympic Training Center at Colorado Springs.  It rained all day, but who cares, it's the freakin' Olympics.
A raisin-toe soak in a smelly-sulfur hot spring outside of Steamboat Springs.   

Grabbed a styrofoam of leftover pizza one evening and headed to the local bandshell.  By chance, the Air Force Academy was punching 4th of July tunes as fireworks cracked over Lake Dillon.  What a nice surprise.

Boulder for a Celestial Seasonings tea factory tour.  Then I embarrassed my kid by moonwalking the brick-strip of the city's outdoor mall.  

Hiked Bear Lake, Pigtails squealed feeding chubby chipmunks by hand.

I ran a 10 mile tempo at 10,000 feet and flipped the finger at anorexic high elevation air.  

Ski lift up, alpine slide down Breckenridge.  
Tent-camped bear country at a remote 13,000 acre park.  
Hoofed it by horse through Garden of the Gods.  
Sampled a dozen natural mineral waters dripping from mountain wells at Manitou Springs.  The taste ranged from iron rust to nose-tickle carbonation.

I was sad when it was time to go home.

R.M. National Park

Bear Lake

Pigtails spooked midway through Garden of the Gods when horsey slipped on rocks, she bawled the waning 45 minutes

14,000 ft.

sampling merchandise @ Breckenridge

everything else is boring after seeing this

girl needs to eat, that's one dinky 8-year-old

Alvin was a friendly pickpocket

outside of Boulder

the Chapel

bald cap in the cloud is Pikes Peak

peeking atop Pikes Peak, so long...



  1. Wow. I really need to go to Colorado.

    1. I hope you can visit CO sometime, maybe in a few years when your daughter is old enough to remember the trip?

    2. Yes. Good point. :)

    3. 6 seems to be the magical age when they remember and the trips aren't flushed down the crapper!

  2. Awesome pictures. Did pigtails enjoy the trip? I love Colorado, went to college in Boulder. Best.Time.Ever.
    Did you go to the Great Sanddunes in the South? Worth a trip!

    1. Thanks, daughter did enjoy the trip! Although I think she liked the darn playground as much as the mountains.

      We ran out of time to visit the Great Sand Dunes. That's a good excuse to return, we'll be back.


Thanks for the note, check back for my response!