Sep 17, 2012

Festivals, Cubed

Festivals are fun, we ate our way through three this weekend:  Rose Garden, Fall and Latino.  The D40 does the heavy lifting on this one, I'm out.

The Rose Garden


more jazz, please

Fall Festival

girl is gross, tucking a spring roll into her purse


Latino Festival

hot tamales

yes, it's all about the food

corn's got kick

no clue, but it was delicious

he scratched out a new painting every 20 minutes

live music and 70 degrees




  1. Excellent pictures! Looks like a lot of fun. Now I'm off to spike my hair.

  2. Rachael9/19/2012

    Pigtails carries sunshine in her heart. You can just tell from her smile.

    1. Ha, you should come poke crabby pants with a stick in the mornings. I've seen fangs.

  3. That corn stuff looks tasty!! Nothing beats festival food.

    She needs a bigger purse so she can tuck a few more treats in there. Maybe one with insulation and an icepack? I have a cookie and applesauce in my purse right now and they aren't for my daughter. :)


Thanks for the note, check back for my response!