Sep 28, 2012


Last year, I wrote the Double Down post about the early days of being a single dad:

"I understand what it’s like to work a full day, then come home and mow the lawn with your toddler strapped to the stroller, wailing from the porch.  With the smell of gasoline on your hands, you scoop her up, calm her down and kiss her red cheeks.  Then you scurry inside to bake dinner and bathe her."

Now look at her, 10 years later.



  1. Yes, that giddy guffaw is me. You had to be there...

  2. I am a relatively new reader, and I went back and read your Double Down Post. Wow. I have thought on many occasions when I'm completely struggling as a sahm with a very supportive, loving husband, "How in the world do single parents do it?!" And it breaks my heart to read a first hand account. You are an absolute hero, Beard. You should be so proud of yourself. You're doing an amazing job raising that little girl, and the two of you are exactly what's right with humanity.

  3. Anonymous9/30/2012

    ^ Well said.


  4. Rachael10/01/2012

    What Laura said.

  5. So great in so many ways!


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