Sep 19, 2012

Trail Rat

Daughter dined with her mom last night, so I burned tacos on the trail with a GoPro in-tow.  Route's a 16 mile ring starting from the house, halfsies tarmac and singletrack.  Less of a workout than running, but storming quiet woods on the Raleigh makes me smile.  The front oil shock earns its keep, and my apologies for the crotch cam' partway through.

Eurythmics dropping the bass, a nut was lost in the making of this film (the camera's, not mine):



  1. Nice singletrack...looks fun, fast and not very technical (my favorite combos)! I took a friend out on our trails for her very first time ever. She clocked in 4 miles and was beat, but oh-so-thrilled with the ride. Another convert - MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    The next time I ride Palo Duro Canyon at the mtb marathon in November, I'll take some video and share with you. Now those are fun (as long as you avoid the cactus)!

    1. Yeah, the trails are mild and fast in these here parts. The PDC mountain 'thon in Nov looks schweet, get some on-board video of that bad boy.


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