Jul 7, 2012

A Little of That...

Mother of Pigtails let me borrow the kid for the 4th fireworks.  As I ran up and knocked, daughter poured happy tears and wound her wiry legs and arms around me for a hydraulic hug.  We're leading into the final 3rd week of summer break away with her mom, I miss her. 

Something Old, Something New
Quiet time's good for catching up on a project at work and wrapping a couple small upgrades around the house.  Hung an iron-spun lamp in the basement and crammed it with an Edison long-filament bulb.  The modern metal shade emits antique 1880s light, sluggish yellow rays making the Karlstad corner the new best reading/blogging spot in mi casa.


Deploy the "swag" kit.

Iron shade looks a little like a rounded French bombé chest.

Gold-copper inside.

Cool bulb.


Visited my folks last weekend, nice to get out of town for a couple days.  
Soiled at a tractor pull with Dad
Gazed at the mighty Mississippi from Mosquito park, 
Took in a mean Mongolian grill and destroyed some DQ cones.
It's relaxing coming home.  
I know you lady readers crave more turbo diesel, this one's for you:

Where I grew up.
Rodent Ears I asked for Florida advice and received back a helpful stack of detailed input from you to help shape our trip.  Thank you for that!  Here's the plan:
  • I can only handle 3 days of elbowing greasy crowds over teacups and Space Mountain, so we're shutting it down at Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Sea World.  My daughter's fond of princesses, robots and whales, so we should be covered.
  • Consensus is St. Augustine and Siesta Key are the bomb, so we're doing both.  Should have enough time along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts to absorb a sizable amount of sand, local shops, salty seafood, museums and a general display of sheer slothfulness.  Can't wait.
  • A couple readers recommended airbnb.com for shacking up in a house rather than hotel.  Right on, I was pleased to find a charming cottage with private pool for $85 a night.  We'll give it a try and see how it goes, looks promising.
After weeks of feeding Pigtails useless, vague clues, we did the reveal by scavenger hunt.  She's most excited about flying in a bird for the first time and is hoping for pretzel handouts at 30K feet.  Don't blame me, I didn't dress her, outfit's from her mom:   
The HTML's gone mad and line spacing broke, switching to bullets.
  • No duh it's hot, we tasted 102 with a real-feel of 110+ this week.  Runs have been tough, the needle nudged 90 as we finished a 13 miler this morning.  The parking lot pavement turned black beneath Riggs as a pool of sweat 2-feet wide dripped from his torso, legs and sopping Sauconys while stretching afterwards.  Cycling's more bearable, I pulled the Cannondale and rode Tuesday with the local racing crew for a 45 miler at 23 mph.  Mostly thick-thighed Cat I, II and III riders, I hung with and smiled dropping $4K titanium rides with my 20-year-old bike from high school.  When will cyclists learn it's the engine, not the wheels that matter?  Fitness and judicious use of the paceline, FTW.
  • I'll measure and order bamboo or seagrass shades today and post photos when finished.  There's a good chance they'll soak up pork chop grease and stink after a few years in the kitchen, who knows.
    • Break time to allow B&P to cool down a bit, I'll catch you in a week or two with new posts.  In the meantime, keep cold sweet tea on tap and enjoy your summer!