Aug 31, 2012

Sulbin's Sea Hunt

"Epic" is overused and played out online, but I think it applies to a video I stumbled on last night.  The BBC filmed a Bajau fisherman diving 60 feet and walking the sea floor to harpoon his catch.  Sulbin's the man, airless for 2.5 minutes with steely resolve for the kill.  FF to the 2:10 mark:


Aug 26, 2012

Get It Done

I wrote this post for work.  Told the blog cop I'd like to write one on getting it done, then it took me 12 weeks to get it done.  Oh well, better late than never.

Single parents must carefully guard our time to ensure everything gets done.  There’s a lone wolf to tackle the stack:  work, school, cooking, cleaning, mowing, house projects, shuttling the kid around and handling insurance, savings, doctor visits and bra talks. 

Here’s how I get it done.

Aug 25, 2012

Mud Bath

Some people crack a cold one, slump in front of a football game on the boob or nap to escape.  

An hour alone on the night trail does it for me.  

Minutes from the house is a multi-mile ribbon of singletrack, turned to viscous slime from today's drizzle.  Semi-slicks don't offer much bite, the back tire launched giant mud clots at branches 20 ft. above.   

Dank and dirty, nobody around as my heart rate tapped out.  More, please.  



Aug 21, 2012

A Disney Dissertation v1.0

Florida was a 10-day triple dipper, flavored with Disney, St. Augustine and Sarasota.  We'll start with the flight, food and lodging, Downtown Disney and Epcot today.

The recap's written in the order we partook in various shenanigans.  I rate our events on a 5-point scale: 1 means it smelled to high heaven, 5 is flawless and difficult to achieve for this picky writer.

Time to fly to the Sunshine/Deadly Alligator State.

Aug 13, 2012


Ah, that's better...a long break always feels good and loosens the spring on this tightly wound dude.  

Curls, Pigtails and I flew our burned buns in from Florida today.  It was my favorite vacation ever.  I don't travel much, so a trip to Dollywood is considered exotic in my book.  The blue hair advice from readers was spot on, you nailed it.  Thank you.

Booking beach cottages vs. hotels sealed the deal on making this trip aggressively relaxing, hooked us with the goods.  Our abode in St. Augustine was especially fetching, Victor's the man at building out this 1920s gem into something rediculous.

Moon and lighthouse from the floating dock by night:

Our other rental out of Sarasota didn't fail, $85 a night for a quiet stay on a property assessed at $3.5mil (yep, we looked it up).  Open view to the bay with sea kayaks and bikes available in case of emergency bordom:


Florida beaches were stout and comely, the Atlantic and Gulf coasts wonderfully different.  Siesta Key was purtty but not our fav', we found better.

 We ran into a mouse and princess, too.

More to come, the full recap will needle towards informative than entertaining.  Hoping it may serve as a guide for those looking to head south to drink the sun.