Oct 29, 2012

The Last Day

A squadron of 3-wheeled rickshaws surround and cut my ride like starfighters, their annoying RING-NA-DING-DING! two-strokes squirting blue smoky smog.  Driver Ranjit counters with a stab on the oil burner's go pedal, followed by a raunchy horn blast and veer into the buzzing intruders to let them know Homey the Clown doesn't play games.

The sun's down on my final day in the office, I weep a little on the ride home and realize:  This is it.

Can't quite put my finger on it yet, but something profound happened over the last two weeks that will stay with me for a long time.  It'll probably come to and become clearer after digesting the trip, but initial guess is it's the people.

Oct 20, 2012

A Week in Maharashtra

Week 1's in the bag, the bioclock finally adjusted to the sun and moon trading spots.  More difficult to acquiesce is a daily schedule that's three hours behind what I'm used to.  Punch the clock at 10:00 am, work past 7:30 pm, bob-and-juke through traffic to dinner @9, then weave home and pretend to sleep at one in the morning with a quart of hot curry pooling in my gut.  

The people of India are kind.  Not just a smile and "Hello, have a nice day" like we do in America, but this:  

You don't know me, but I heard you like Indian food and I'd like to take you out.  I'll drive, okay if we do dinner Monday night? 

There is a lack of distraction here, a desire to commune and willingness to listen that I crave back home. 

Oct 14, 2012

An Iowan in India - Day 1

I arrived in India today with two others from the office on business, a 10,000 mile flight from Iowa to Chicago, Frankfurt and Pune.  Here through the end of October, longer if I lose the passport.

My posts on B&P are usually random with wild topics swings, but for the next few weeks, I'll try to focus on putting out short, real-time posts about my experience in India.  I'll be working long hours during the week at the office and may have limited time to blog, so keep an eye on Facebook for quick updates.

Mr. Sandman is trying to drop me with the 10.5 hour loss, might as well cut another post to lighten the eyelids...here's how Day 1 went down.

Oct 10, 2012

St. Augustine

Vacation is separation from both reality and people, lounge-time for me started not in Orlando, but crossing St. Augustine's threshold.  20,000 humans crawled Disney like insects, I was ready to escape and plant my albino-white glutes in the sand, doing jack squat for days.

St. Auggie's a tasty casserole layered with 500 years of Spanish history, iced Atlantic and our AirBnB rental cut-and-pasted from a Nicholas Sparks beach flick.

The core of the oldest city in America is St. George Street, a lanky lane of limestone shops selling handmade leather sandals and jewelry, sea shells, thin crust pizzas and brew pubs.  We shuffled the bricks for hours, egged on by Kilwins honey-roasted pecans and a tall latte.  Curls gave in to a Japanese silk bracelet, Pigtails a lead paint mood ring.  I poured another bag of sugar pecans down my hole.

Oct 6, 2012

Sea 'gustine

Pigtails, Curls and I spent 10 days in Florida in early August.  The adventure continues, the girls are on queue for SeaWorld in Orlando and our drive to St. Augustine. 

When we went to sea world it is not worth the money the best part about it was the shows and the rollercausters where the best. The rollercausters are huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The car was nice it was a Chrysler 200. The house in st. Augustine had everything we needed it had a cooler a frige bathroom a pool a bed  towles and even more.  In st augaustine we went to a mexan place and it was great!  The day I first seat eyes on the ocean it was clouds everywere the water had foam in the water. And the water was cold but I still liked it and I learned how to boggi board.

Oct 3, 2012

The Random Rambler

Season changes are a gift, we milk the fall bounty with frequent day-trips to drink God's creation.  Windows down, cruising lazy Iowa countryside, plucking Golden Delicious by the peck and apple cider by the gallon.  Hopefully some day I'll live outside the city.

The orchards have stepped it up since I was a kid, now replete with air trampolines large enough to bounce Megatron, super slides and laughing goats.

Oct 1, 2012

Freebie Name Draw

Five people have a package of goodies coming your way, let's draw names for the Graziano goods.  81 names in the vat, I removed a few anon' entries plus my mom's.  She left a comment saying not to enter her name.

Robot picks the winners, drum roll....